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“We source the highest quality coffee from the hills of South India and mix them with flavourful love to add a dash of fun to your everyday cuppa.”

Our History


AURORA COFFEE, a world-class brand that will transform your coffee experience, is the product of the AUTHENTICA FOOD PRODUCTS, rooted in Coorg and Chikamagaluru, the coffee capital’s of India. AURORA COFFEE is born out of the rich expertise of a company that supplies coffee to leading Indian and International coffee companies. AURORA COFFEE carries the timeless flavour of our legacy and promises to treat coffee lovers to an absolutely memorable experience.



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Est. 2020

Our Story

The journey to

Aurora Coffee

begins with passion. Our passion fuels us on an adventure to explore all things coffee, to build relationships, establish new research, and share education about this bean that we love.
We’re honored to share the discoveries we’ve made on our quest for the perfect cup and to demonstrate how the art and science of coffee become one. We’ve made it our responsibility to create a transparent connection between our farmers, our researchers and consumers, so we can fully appreciate the journey our coffee has traveled to reach us.

It is our goal to use this unique blend of art and science to enhance the relationship between consumer and farmer,as well as to build practices that support both coffee growers and coffee drinkers.

Each sip of our coffee can be enjoyed sustainably, consistently and deliciously. All of our journeys through the land of coffee have led us here.

We’re here to help coffee lovers everywhere. So we made the AURORA COFFEE Plan. It’s a way to help coffee farmers make a better living; support local communities; inspire the next generation of farmers; and do so without damaging our planet. It’s a long journey, but we’ve got the roadmap and we’re already on the way.


Through tenacious scientific research and chemical analysis, we’ve explored every last detail of coffee at each phase of growth, from seed to harvest and from fermentation to processing. Our analytical databases show trends from key coffee indicators and allow us to monitor the quality, flavor and safety of green and roasted beans. As our research grows, we use our data to map the almost infinite variables in coffee production – giving us complete control over calibrating each step of green coffee sourcing, coffee roasting and extraction. Our coffee is verified with Q-Graders and quantified by science and research.

Our Future

Buy One. Plant One.

We have a vision of a world more connected to nature. That’s why we have partnered with Indian Forests to plant a tree for every product we sell. Be a part of this next chapter with us.



Planted around the India.


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A fearless, original & revolutionary coffee company serving delicious & healthy products.
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